Our philosophy in brewing the taste of Thai perfection.

Not only is the spirit of Lamiat in our brew, it is in everything we do.
Admire the artistry and take a behind-the-scenes look at how our Lamiat
video was put together.


If Lamiat is about looking beyond the ordinary, then let’s take an even closer look at the philosophy itself, through the eyes of 3 Thai craftsmen who embody it.

  • Thaninthron ‘Noom’ Chantrawan
    Michelin-starred Chef
    As head chef of recently awarded Chim by Siam Wisdom, Noom’s cooking is certainly well above the cut. Hear what he has to say about a philosophy that’s helped him reach where he is, and continues to do so as he aims for bigger, better things.
  • Varamol ‘Mint’ Chunchartprasert
    Renowned Ceramist
    Born into a family of ceramists that runs generations deep, Mint, founder of Cone Number 9, explains how Lamiat informs her creations, toeing the line between tradition and innovation.
  • Prapoj ‘New’ Charoenwetsin
    Pioneer Organic Agriculturist
    Founder of Uncle & Friend Organic Farm, learn more about philosophy that takes one man from the heat of a Japanese ramen kitchen, to being knee-deep in his own vegetable fields, where he and his colleagues lead a new generation of food producers in Bangkok.