Chang Espresso Lager Wins at the World Stage for Fine Flavours and True Asian Design

The coffee-infused lager beer becomes Thailand’s Country Winner for flavoured beer, clinching a Gold Award in the Taste category while its can wins a Bronze Award in the Design category at the World Beer Awards 2021.

With an outstanding flavour profile, brewing style and technique, along with an inclusion of sustainably-sourced ingredients, Chang Espresso Lager is named Thailand’s Country Winner for a Gold Award in the Flavoured Beer category at the 2021 World Beer Awards. Meanwhile, the lager’s can design, with its beautiful hand-drawn lines exuding delicate Asian cultures, also wins a Bronze Award in the Design category from the same event. The World Beer Awards is an annual global-stage beer selection organised by The Drinks Report of the United Kingdom.

“We are very pleased to hear the news,” says Mr. Lester Tan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beer Business Thailand, Chang International Company Limited. “By winning two prestigious awards on the very first year of our entry into this global awarding event, we can confirm our beliefs that people are now looking for the finer things in life. With our beer recognised on the global scale, our entire team, especially our Chang Brewmaster team who had worked hard with the product’s brewing and flavouring techniques, are all elated and proud.”

Launched back in December 2020, breaking new ground and creating a widespread buzz among beer connoisseurs in Thailand, Chang Espresso Lager is considered innovative in every way. It is the first of its kind to be a specialty lager infused with coffee. It is made from sustainably-sourced coffee beans, the traits well-known to be of their premium quality in the region of Southeast Asia. The design of the can, another key element reflecting the concept behind the product, also reflects the place of its origin.

The Drinks Report annually unveils the World Beer Awards as a way to shine light on the brewed drinks that can vastly vary in styles and tastes. With each category of beers differing in ingredients, brewing styles and fermentation methods, as well as something innate as climates and terroirs, judging quality beers has always been a world-class affair. With hundreds of entries from around the world, the panel that includes a big team of notable beer experts select outstanding beers by their categories, tasting notes, characters, and profiles. Chang Espresso Lager, for its artisanal infusion of Asian coffees, is selected for its remarkable aroma and overall smooth tastes and body, making it an outstanding product for a flavoured beer.

Chang Espresso Lager captures attention of beer drinkers with a discerning taste for premium coffee. Using the refreshing base of the lager brewed from world-class ingredients including malt, hops, and quality fresh water, Chang Espresso Lager is blended with Asia’s homegrown coffees, a special blend of roasted Arabica and Robusta, all from coffee growers in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Chang Brewmasters, whose brewing techniques have been well recognised on the global level, fine-tuned the flavouring process. The result is a unique style of a full-bodied lager like none other.

“And the possibility is endless,” says Mr. Tan. “Our premium Chang coffee-infused beer, which is already very unique in tastes, provides a blank canvas for new tastes and flavours. By focusing on bringing the world the Asian Blend, we are very happy that our Chang Espresso Lager has started the course so well. Also, by partnering with independent coffee growers, we have directed our production in a way to sustainably support the community-level businesses throughout the region.”

People have also noticed the beautiful design of Chang Espresso Lager. Available in 490-ml can, Chang Espresso Lager package encapsulates the product’s core idea of being truly Asian. Hand-drawn lines in glowing gold against Chang’s iconic deep green backdrop depicting traditional Asian lifestyle is another element on the package of Chang Espresso Lager that reflects the region’s natural abundance.

Chang Espresso Lager has gone on to win more awards and accolades for its tastes and packaging design. The beer is currently sold in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand and has received growing interest in many countries especially in the Asian region, avid beer drinkers can expect to see more of this specialty beer near them.



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